Our asset management product is available from € 100.000,- and for a minimum investment period of 5 years.

With asset management purchase, management and sale will be arranged for you

Knowledge of whisky is not required when you choose for Scotch Whisky International asset management. The complete process of your whisky investment is arranged, from purchase till the eventual sale. We have the specialists in-house. Experts who are experienced in both the financial and whisky world. This way we can assist you throughout the entire process.


Our asset management is flexible. The contract can be tailored to your wishes with regard to:

  • Investment sum (investment category)
  • Contract duration (minimum 5 years)
  • Risk profile
  • Cash flow strategy

A combination of the above possibilities determines your personal investment profile.

Investment categories

There are multiple investment categories you can choose, depending on the initial investment amount. The return rate, costs and privileges differ per categorie. The higher the invested amount, the better the conditions. The minimum investment amount is € 100.000 for a term of 5 years.

Asset management SWIC Member* SWIC Member Gold* SWIC Member Royal* SWIC Market Maker*
Minimum investment amount € 100.000 € 250.000 € 1.000.000 € 2.500.000 € 5.000.000
Maximum investment amount € 250.000 € 1.000.000 € 2.500.000 € 5.000.000
Minimum term 5 years 5 years 5 years 10 years 10 years
Fixed value per year 7,0% 7,5% 8,0% 8,5% 9,0%

You can find more detailed information about all investment categories and the associated costs in our whitepaper.

Will you be investing more than € 250,000? Then you will automatically become a member of the Scotch Whisky Investors’ Club (SWIC). As a SWIC member, you will have access to the most exclusive bottles and casks. Besides that you can enjoy high-end hospitality services and get the opportunity to interact with other major investors.

Vaste of variabele vergoeding

Fixed or variable return?

As mentioned before, there are multiple options to tailor the contract to your personal wishes. One of the possible options is the type of return. Depending on the risk you are willing to take, you have the choice between a fixed or variable return. In the latter case, the actual annual return is based on the de facto market value performance of your portfolio. Such return is capped by a minimum and maximum. We further explain both options in our whitepaper, including example scenario’s.


Cash flow strategy

Some investors prefer to receive a regular cash flow from their portfolio. Therefore, in addition to making your choice between a fixed or variable return, you can also select a cash flow-strategy.

  • You do not want any periodic cash flow.
  • You do want periodic cash flow.
  • A periodic cash flow and steadily decrease the initial sum.

Read all the details about the cash flow strategy in the whitepaper about asset management

Inquire about the customization options

We are happy to inform you about the details of these options and help you to make choices that best suits your needs. We will also inform you about the costs associated with your choices and the privileges you enjoy.