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In our fast-growing and dynamic company, the HR function is still in its infancy, but as HR Business Partner you will change that!  Based on your extensive knowledge, experience  and personality, you will develop new personnel policy in line with  the organizational strategy and objectives, you will be able to implement adequate improvements and keep the HR  administration in order.

Scotch Whisky Investment (SWI), part of trading company Scotch Whisky International BV and under the supervision of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), focuses on offering Scotch Single Malt whisky as an investment object. The Scotch whisky market has been growing very strongly in terms of demand for years and within it, especially the premium category 'Single Malt' over 20 years old, given the scarcity, quality and unique character, has become a special product for many investors where good financial returns can be achieved.

In recent years, SWI has grown very strongly and now has around 56 employees internationally.  The head office is currently located in Sassenheim Netherlands and besides that there are sales offices in Belgium and Montenegro and the operational whisky facilities for bottling and storage are located in Scotland. The ambitions for SWI in Scotland are high. With the construction of 28 warehouses, bottling stations and an office, the operational capacity in Glenrothes  will be greatly expanded in the coming years. In addition, our new head office in Falkland will eventually be built and Sassenheim will have a supporting role.

Working at SWI means being part of one big family with the common passion for whisky investments! Our communication lines are short and our doors are open. We would like to welcome everyone. We don't like hierarchy, but we like to work with people who take responsibility and ownership for their tasks and who share ideas and come up with thoughtful proposals.  Everyone has a voice and mutual respect is our starting point. In addition to hard work, there is also plenty of room to enjoy and laugh together, especially during our fully catered lunch and Thursday afternoon drinks. Professionalism, hospitality and quality are of paramount importance to us. Not only for our products and customers, but also for our employees.

The Role
In our fast-growing and dynamic company, the HR function is still in its infancy, but as HR Business Partner you will change that!  Based on your extensive knowledge, experience  and personality, you will develop new personnel policy in line with  the organizational strategy and objectives, you will be able to implement adequate improvements and keep the HR  administration in order.  You do this in accordance with laws and regulations,  in coordination  with the management and  in close cooperation with line managers and employees. You take initiative, are visible and involve others in realizing  agreed function plans.  As the official in the field of HR, you develop standards, monitor  the functional domain and  take  care  of the daily follow-up of policy by employees. If and when needed you manage and adjust it!

As an all-round manager,  you oversee what needs to be done in the HR field to further professionalize, you can clearly explain this and are pragmatically inclined to carry this out  operationally yourself and with the help of others.  In addition to being a sparring partner for the management, you are the first point of contact for managers and employees  in the field of HR procedures, personnel matters and recruitment. You help them to further develop the organization  and personal capabilities in order to  achieve our business goals more efficiently and effectively. In addition, you have an eye for health management policy, identify bottlenecks in the organization, advise on solutions and provide internal HR communication.

In short, a challenging and varied HR position with many responsibilities in which you have an important role in shaping HR in a strongly internationally growing company!

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Developing, implementing and  monitoring of  (new) HR policies & protocols and keeping track of the personnel manual;

  • Initiating, leading, rolling out and maintaining  (administrative) HR processes within the organization and recording them in the process management system (Nimbus);

  • Monitoring and adjusting the follow-up of established HR procedures and policies by employees;

  • Ensuring policy and following-up in the context of prevention (Gatekeeper) & re-integration as  well as occupational health and safety-related matters;

  • Keeping the internal workforce up-to-date, having absenteeism processed and changes in the external payroll administration;

  • Supporting, advising and acting as a point of contact for managers on all relevant HR issues, including inflow and outflow, talent and organizational development and other HR (policy) areas, but also in the field of conducting conversations with employees, in the context of personal development, absenteeism and end of employment;

  • Being the point of contact for both employees and managers in the field of HR issues, such as employment conditions, company regulations and social security;

  • Giving (un)solicited advice to managers and employees concerning how  the work can be carried out safely, healthily, motivated and productively in practice and ensuring compliance with legislation and appointing an external confidential advisor for employees;

  • Recruitment & selection of new employees (drafting and placing advertising texts,  conducting job interviews, making offers, salary negotiations, maintaining contacts with agencies, requesting support resources);

  • Drafting, extending or terminating employment and hiring contracts;

  • Determining future policy and approach regarding the establishment of a participation council;

  • Maintaining contact with various external parties, such as the UWV,  the payroll administrator and  the Occupational Health and Safety Service.  

In the first period, the work  will mainly focus on drawing up a function house, with roles and role descriptions, having job evaluation carried out and implementing the salary house for the organization.

This makes you our new HR Business Partner
You have a positive and tidy character, you communicate easily and simply at various levels within the organization, you like to work together with others and feel responsible for results, you are honest and respectful towards others, you are pragmatic and flexible. Your attention goes to personal support for employees and managers and you do not lose sight of the common (business) goals. You identify development opportunities and translate them into concrete HR plans and actions. You can convince others of your own ideas and take into account possible resistances from others. You think in terms of solutions. Above all, you have passion and enthusiasm  to work at the intersection of the financial world and that of Scotch whisky!

What else makes you our new HR Business Partner?

  • You have a completed HBO education; HRM or other relevant training with knowledge of employment law, occupational health and safety and social legislation;

  • You have at least 5 years of experience in a similar position, are mature  in the HR discipline, preferably in a managerial role;

  • Knowledge of Compensation & Benefits;

  • You have a good command in both the Dutch and English languages;

  • You have good knowledge of MS Office.

This is your team
As the ultimately responsible for HR for SWI, you report to the COO and from Sassenheim, in the long term, you  functionally manage a HR Manager who  will further shape the company's activities in Scotland. In addition, you are in contact  with other board members and managers as well as with internal and external (international) recruitment partners in the context of recruiting future new employees.

These are your terms of employment
When there is a mutual match, we will make you an offer join us. Our terms of employment are excellent and for this fulltime position consists of an attractive gross salary, participation in the Employee Shares Plan to  become co-owner  of the company with which you benefit from the organizational growth, 25 vacation days per year, an annuity scheme  and life insurance coverage for the duration of employment. In addition, you will be offered a fully catered lunch every day and you can exercise for free at the office under the guidance of a personal trainer.

How to apply
Send your CV together with a motivation letter to per e-mail.  There are various rounds of conversation in  which you  will  meet some shareholders and team members of the management board,  followed by the offer and an integrity screening will take place.  We aim to complete this procedure  as soon as possible. So apply quickly!

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